With the volume of performance modifications now available off the shelf for almost all road cars, it can be difficult selecting the most suitable upgrades to achieve the performance gains you want within your budget. At Allumy Motorsport we can offer advice on all aspects of these upgrades to help bring out the potential of your car.

We can also provide tailored upgrade packages to ensure whilst increasing performance and drivability, reliability is also maintained. Contact us for further information and pricing.

Allumy Motorsport can supply and fit all of the following performance modifications –

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    1. Induction Kits
    2. Filter Upgrades
    3. Intercoolers
    4. Valve replacement /Upgrade/Relocation
    5. Hose Upgrades
    6. Engine Mounts
    7. Engine Tuning
    8. Remaps
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    1. Clutch Upgrades
    2. Flywheels
    3. Gearbox Internals
    4. Differentials
    5. Shifters
    6. Linkages
    7. Mountings
    8. Drive Shafts
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    1. Manifolds
    2. High Flow Sports CATs
    3. DeCATs
    4. Full CAT back systems
    5. Milltek Valvesonic Approved Installation Centre
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    1. Brake Upgrades
    2. Uprated Pads
    3. Uprated Discs
    4. Performance Brake Lines
    5. Fluid Upgrades
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    Chassis Upgrades

    1. Performance Shock Aborbers
    2. Coilover Upgrades
    3. Anti Roll Bars
    4. Struct Braces
    5. Alignment
    6. Bushes
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    Wheels / Tyres / Spacers