Allumy Motorsport

Engineering, track testing and competitively racing our own championship winning cars has allowed Allumy Motorsport to build a wealth of in house knowledge, experience and expertise in preparing and setting up track day cars to suit many of the UKs most popular circuits.

As track days have become more accessible and popular throughout the entire year, spaces at these events are now even more valuable than the ever. Setting up a track car to suit a particular circuit is an important process to ensure that you’re achieving the most from your track day fees.

Allumy Motorsport can offer advice and services before, during and after your track day –

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    Track Day Track Car Preparation

    1. Tyre Selection / Tyre Pressure
    2. Suspension Setup
    3. Brake Setup / Discs/Pads/Fluid Changes
    4. Vehicle Weight Reduction
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    Track Day Support / Tuition

    We can attend track days on your behalf in a support role. This can include –

    1. Track Car Transportation to and from the track
    2. 1:1 On track tuition
    3. Pit Lane tuition through the use of Data Loggers and in vehicle footage
    4. Wheel and Tyre Changes
    5. Tyre Pressure Adjustments
    6. Suspension Setup Adjustments
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    Post Track Day Inspection and Maintenance

    After any track day it is vital to inspect all areas of a cars condition both for peace of mind and to maintain performance and usability. For road legal track cars this is especially important to make sure the vehicle is still safe to use on the UK roads and doesn’t invalidate any MOT or insurance criteria.

    These services often include:

    1. Tyre Condition
    2. Fluid Levels
    3. Brake disc/pad condition
    4. Returning to a suitable road setup for day to day use