Race Car Rental

Driving a racing car on a circuit is probably one of the most exhilarating activities that can be experienced. However, it can be very challenging for someone to build, store and regularly maintain their own Race Car. In addition, it often requires a great deal of time to transport a Race Car to a circuit, plus all the spares and equipment that are needed to keep the car performing to its best. We offer Race Cars for rental so you do not need to be concerned with any of these responsibilities and can concentrate on your racing and maximise your enjoyment!

You can choose from –

Race Car Rental by the Day or by the Season
Race Car modified to your requirements and fully prepared for racing before every event
Race Car delivered to and collected from the circuit
Race Engineer with you at the circuit to configure and maintain the car, and to analyse telematics data to assist performance

These processes can all be combined into a package termed ‘Arrive & Drive’ where the Driver just turns up and drives.

We provide Race car rental for multiple levels of race series and currently specialise in the Racing Championships listed below –