Track Car Rental

Allumy Motorsport

Driving a racing car or track car on a circuit is probably one of the most exhilarating activities that can be experienced. Many regular track drivers own and maintain their own track cars, however others do not have the time or knowledge to do this or indeed do not want to be bothered with it, but still want to enjoy track driving. Some drivers only want to do a one or two track days per season and therefore cannot really justify running their own track car. We have the solution to all these challenges – Track Car Rental. A Further benefit of renting is that you can progress from one car to the next, perhaps moving up to a faster track car each time and then on to driving a fully prepared race car on a track day.

You can choose from –

Track Car Rental by the Day or by the Season
Track Car fully prepared before every event
Track Car delivered to and collected from the circuit
Race Engineer with you at the circuit to configure and maintain the car, and to analyse telematics data to assist performance
Demonstration of Track Driving by an experienced racing driver
Track driving tuition from an ARDS Instructor